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Skillcraft, Inc.

“Skillcraft, Inc. offers Pre-construction, Construction Management, & General Contracting Services throughout NY, NJ, and CT. We have selectively acquired the best staff who dedicate themselves to each project; none too large or too small.”
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PHP Help – Styling guide for web development

During the development of websites, you usually need to get a solid understanding of how certain styles render. Well, I’ve created a function to do just that – now: you can just call ‘getStyles();’ on any page of your php file (or even in your site wide header/footer include) and know exactly how your tags will be displayed. Continue reading

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3D Accounting

If you are looking for a company that offers personal service and expertise along with a full array of tax, accounting and consulting services, then look no further. 3D Accounting Solutions, Inc. is where you will want to be. We have a top notch staff with excellent credentials and experience for individuals, business owners and independent professionals who are dedicated to developing a long term relationship with our clients. We strive to gain a detailed understanding of our clients business so that they can be best served. Continue reading

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Effbee LoWnge

From Brooklyn emerges a ‘Reality Talk’ TV show spawned & rooted not only from today’s climate in society, but forward-leaning based on its structure. The show will grow as its audience does because it’s the first show where the audience is individually & collectively involved in the manner that it is. They’re part of the show. Continue reading

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Two Cats In A Sack: Designer-Developer Discord

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Cleaner CSS coding

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There are many ways to ensure that you have cleaner CSS coding.
One method is to use shorthand. Using shorthand is the single easiest practice you can use to cut down on your code as well as your coding time. CSS short and means that instead of using different declarations for related properties, you combine them into one css property.

Uses include: padding, margins, borders, font styles…

There are many additional ways to clean code CSS cleaner, we will pull in more detail on those in blog entries to come. Continue reading

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